Camileo S30 files can not be read by computer

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Camileo S30 files can not be read by computer

Camileo S30 and MacBook Pro running 10.6.8


I was recording an event in two half hour parts. The first half hour recorded and saved fine. However at the end of the second part when I pushed the button to make it stop recording an hour-vase icon appeared and did not go away for 20 minutes. 

I disconnected the battery and inserted the SD card into my computer and transferred the files. The first played back fine, 3.2 gig in size. The second does not open in any player (Quick time, even Toast and ProTools can not do anything with it). The file is 2.14 gig in size, so the video would seam to be somewhere.

When I open the 'get info' tabs they are both- Kind: MPEG-4 movie. The More Info: section does differ. The first working clip as the following specs- Dimension: 1920x 1080, Codecs: H.264, AAC, etc. The second and non-working clip has no information at all.


I tried copying the file back onto the SD card but the camera does not recognize it. 


It appears that it was not finalized or saved correctly. How do I convert this clip into working order?

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Re: Camileo S30 files can not be read by computer

I found a solution to my own problem.


I had to pay some money, but they made it happen. And very easy too! Highly recomended. Or search for it on your iTunes.

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Re: Camileo S30 files can not be read by computer

I'm glad you got your video repaired, Adam!

- Peter
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Re: Camileo S30 files can not be read by computer

Hello. I'm experiencing a similar problem.

I'm using Windows 7 and Movie Maker. It won't recognize 1 file (1.5GB) and I 'suspect' it's because I used the PAUSE button on the S30 to start and stop the recording. I get the error code 0xC946001E in Movie Maker.

I first tried to use some different converters to convert from mp4 to avi, but it won't recognize the source file as mp4.


I checked out that repair service ( for PCs, for anyone in the same boat as me). Seems legit, but they're asking for $51 plus I don't like the idea of sharing my videos with 3rd parties. Is there no free fix for this?

Any help appreciated!!!


PS, does Toshiba KNOW their camcorders are producing corrupt files? Seems to be a pretty epic design flaw!