wireless keeps disconnecting

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wireless keeps disconnecting

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I have an old Portege M200 tablet laptop using Windows XP that has the intel(R) pro/wireless 2200BG wireless connection that was communicating fine with my old Linksys wireless-g router. I recently replaced the wireless router to a NetGear WNR1000v2 and now the Portege won't stay connected.


I have dealt with NetGear tech support which solves the problem temporarily - it will connect for a few minutes, then it disconnects, connects, disconnects and finally stays disconnected. When I hardwire the laptop to the router, there is no problem.  NetGEar says it's a problem with the laptop.  Toshiba wants me to pay for support since my laptop is out of warranty.  I have a desktop(XP) and another newer laptop (Windows 7) that have no problems whatsoever connecting to the routerr. It's just the Portege with the problem. I've tried disabling the firewall, changing settings with the router, etc. Nothing is working.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: wireless keeps disconnecting

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Assuming you have the base model Portege M200, , here's your model's download page:


Portege M200


But, make sure that is your full model number!


You say you worked with Netgear tech support, but did they make you, or have you installed the latest firmware update for your router:


Netgear WNR1000v2 Firmware V1.1.2.28



As well, make sure you have the most recent Toshiba BIOS update, as there were several for your unit:


ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.80 for Portege M200



Still not working? I'd uninstall the Toshiba ConfigFree Utility in 'Control Panel - Programs and Features' and then completely uninstall your WiFi driver.


To completely uninstall a driver in Windows 7 see here, I'd stick with Method 1, especially if you've never edited the registry before:




After completely uninstalling the utility and driver, I would then run some registry cleaning program like CCleaner, then reboot.



Finally, try to reinstall the WiFi driver again:


Intel Wi-Fi 2915ABG and 2200BG Driver for Windows XP



Then reinstall ConfigFree:


Toshiba ConfigFree Utility for Windows XP/SP2



Good luck! Let us know if it works.




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Re: wireless keeps disconnecting

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Re: wireless keeps disconnecting

OK - so I checked out the link in Jerry's post, but it didn't seem to appy to my case, although it is the exact problem I'm having. I followed the steps and was not able to make the change because the whole page was greyed out like it wasn't an option on my computer.


In reply to Mike: I do have the lastest firmware for my router and the lastest BIOS. I haven't tried the other steps yet cuz I'm a bit nervous - being a non-techno person. The other thing is you referred to uninstalling the driver in Windows 7, but the Portege I'm having trouble with is an XP so I don't know if it will be different instructions to follow.


I'm going to eat my Wheaties, take a deep breath, and try the driver uninstall thing - gulp!



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Re: wireless keeps disconnecting

oh - forgot to say: 


I was able to get about a half hour of wireless connection yesterday after changing some power saver setting that was suggested on an intel forum regarding my intel pro/wireless 2200bg, but then lost the connection again.


I've noticed that when it disconnects, the little wireless icon says its "aquiring internet address" (or something like that). Don't know if that gives us a clue.

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Re: wireless keeps disconnecting

Hi circus   actually I have the same problem with the same devices that you are mention on your first comment.

please if you have fix could you post the solution


thanks for your kindness and consideration

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Re: wireless keeps disconnecting

Thanks for the links mike. I was having the same problem and this site was referred by a friend. I am gonna try yor suggestions. Thanks again.

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Re: wireless keeps disconnecting

I am so happy i found your post.

My wireless hasnt been working for day.

I followed recommendation for adding the hidden devices to the registory.

my wireless was greyed out I uninstalled the wireless card and rebooted a few times.

My laptop already had drivers but i did downloaded new ones.

After reboots the wireless popped back up under devices and it

was not longer greyed out.. all is good..