Re: wethernet connection no longer working

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wethernet connection no longer working

This is my 2nd satellite l755-s5107 and the same thing is happening!  The laptop can no longer pick up the ethernet connection - states network not recognized.  The wireless works but I dont have wireless in school.  help - I took the first one back to BB and they told me they couldn't fix it.  this is the second one, and its doing the same thing.  I have windows 7.

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Re: wethernet connection no longer working

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Satellite L755-S5107 Specifications

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So, you can make a WiFi connection, like at a local coffee shop or somewhere other than school?


The easiest thing to try is to reload your driver. Download this file to your desktop, and double click to install.


Atheros LAN Driver



Please let us know what happens. Good luck.