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cannot connect to my wireless router

I just got an AT&T Wifi router and i have spent hours on the phone with the tech trying to figure out the problem, why my computer will connect but will only have limited connectivity and i cannot access the internet. what do you think the problem is?

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Re: cannot connect to my wireless router

Which computer? Which Windows?


What happens when you plug into the router?

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Re: cannot connect to my wireless router

I just installed a wireless 4-in-one Printer, router and Wild Blue satellite internet.  I got a Belkin G wireless router and had to get the technical support to help me. One thing I had to change was my cordless phone.  Also be sure there are no obstructions to the signals (location, location, location). I actually had my Toshiba Satellite working with my new wireless printer before adding sat internet.  It may take some tweaking, that will try your patience.

Good luck!