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Wireless communication switch light not working on qosimo x300

I know that my moudle of laptop has been discontinued.  (at least from what I can tell)  I have had this laptop for well over a year now and I have loved it.  It has done my proud and probably one of the best laptops I could have bought espcially since it was my first one.


Anyway, a few months back I noticed that the light that is next to the wireless communication swithch on the front doesn;t work when the switch is in the on position.  I can get connected with no problem but I am just curious as to why the little orange light won't come on.


I have already looked at the fn f8 option and that seems to be all in order.  The fact that the light doesn't come on isn't a huge concern for me since I can still get internet without it but I would like to know if it is possible to fix it.  I appreciate any help or suggestions..