Wireless can't connect

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Wireless can't connect

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I have a Toshiba Satellite U300-13U and for years I have had no problems with my Wi-Fi.


Now, although my computer can see all the Wi-fi networks in range, including my PlusNet router, it needs me to reboot the computer and the router and re-enter the network password every time I wish to connect.


It seems to be resetting the IP address every time. It also resets the Security type from WPA2 to WPA and from AES to TKIP.


When I do manage to connect, I only have limited connectivity.


I do not have any problems with an ethernet connection and it does not suffer the same problem on other networks. PlusNet tell me that the problem is not with their router/connection, but my laptop.


I have re-installed my Realtek PCI and PRO/Wireless 3945ABG driver as per model and latest update on the Toshiba website. It has made no difference.


Could this be a case of the hardware/software not being compatible with the Router (Thompson Gateway TG585 v8)? Has anyone esle had a similar problem in the past?


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Re: Wireless can't connect

That doesn't appear to be a US model, and this is the forums for Toshiba USA. You may want to contact Toshiba in your region. If it's a European model, you could check the Toshiba Europe forums.

- Peter