Windows 7 sharing non public folders

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Windows 7 sharing non public folders

Ok guys, just like the title says, I have several laptops on my home network.

The oldest is an HP running Windows XP Home, a second one that is an Acer that's running Windows Vista and the newest is a Toshiba running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

Now, I don't have any problems with sharing files, it's rather the other way around, the XP laptop and Vista laptop have access to ALL my files, not just what's in the Public folder without having to use a password or anything. But the Toshiba with Windows 7 laptop only has access to the Public shared folders on the XP and Vista laptops.

I have sharing setup so that I have to access my user account on the Vista laptop with my user password to get to the shared folders on that laptop. I don't have to do anything to get to the shared folders on the XP laptop, but if there were a way, I would like to have to use a password to get to them. I have a password set on our wireless network, and I have named the workgroup the same on all the laptops, but from time to time friends and family are over and so I don't know if they have access to the folders on the XP laptop or the Toshiba just by being connected to the network even if they aren't members of the same workgroup.

So, any advice is appreciated guys. Thanks ahead of time.

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