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Wifi won't turn on.

I have a Toshiba satellite A665-s6050 and have spent the better part of an afternoon trying to get my wireless to turn on.  I have downloaded drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled software, pretty much have done anything that I have found as a solution.  My wireless light is showing on, when I hit fn+f8 it tells me my wirelss if off.  I can't seem to actually turn it off (the light stays lit) but as far as my comptuer knows, it is off.  Please help, I don't want to be relegates to staying attached to the wall...

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Re: Wifi won't turn on.


Satellite A665-S6050


when I hit fn+f8 it tells me my wirelss if off.

Does it say "Wireless Communication is Disabled. Please Turn On the Wireless Communication Switch"?


See Document ID: 98082993.

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Re: Wifi won't turn on.

Hi there! I'm having a similar problem with my toshiba. T_T The wireless was working about 2 days ago and randomly today, I went to get on the internet and ....nothing. My husband was right beside me with his laptop and could connect but i couldn' wouldn't even acknowledge that there was a network there. So after hours and hours of looking around on the internet and troubleshooting the crap outta this, I am here and close to ripping my hair out. I have done everything possible to turn on my wireless 'capability'. There is a motion touch button that is supposed to turn it on and then you press the fn+f8 button and blah blah blah... it works right? No, not for me...I'm beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with the motion sensor if there is something wrong with that....what in the world is there left to do?! Am I doomed to forever be plugged into a wall because there is only one friggin way to turn on wireless capability on my computer? THE HARD SWITCH IS BROKEN?! Can  anyone find any sort of sense out of this...and if possible... can you help me? Please?