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Wifi won't connect to router

I just got a Satellite A205-S5871 Laptop and I can’t get the wifi to connect to my router. I know my wifi switch on the laptop is turned on, and I know it has wifi, as it shows up working in device manager.  Also pressing Fn+F8 shows that it is enabled and on. I can see other wifi networks, but I can’t connect to mine.  My older laptop can connect no problem. 


What am I missing?  Is this a hardware problem?

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Re: Wifi won't connect to router

You can try this.

Before proceeding, turn off you router.


Go to Device Manager, then look for Network adapters and look for the Wireless device driver installed on computer. Right click on it and uninstall (just hit on "OK"). After that, right click on Network adapters then Scan For Hardware changes the driver will be automatically installed on the computer.


Then, go to, Control Panel then Network and Sharing center. Go to Manage Network connections then right click on Wireless Network Connection then go to properties. Look for Internet Protocol version 6 and uncheck it. Click on "OK" after that. Then restart your computer.


While you are restarting try to Power on your Router.

Then try to reconnect.


Hope that this will work for you.

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Re: Wifi won't connect to router

did you get an error message while trying to connect to your wifi network?


you may try this.


step 1)Restart computer in safemode with networking and try to connect.

        - turn off computer, turn it back on and immediately press on F8 repeatedly..

        - try to connect in safemode.. if it does then there may be security settings blocking your wifi in normal mode..

        - if it does not connect go to step 2.


step 2) While in safe mode with networking, reset winsock and uninstall the wifi card.

        - click on start>in the start search box type in command

        - right click on command prompt and click on Run as Administrator.

        - type in netsh winsock reset  then press enter.. close out command prompt.

        - open device manager click on start>right click on computer and click on properties then click on device manager.

        - click on the plus in front of network adapter.. you may have an atheros wifi card. right click on the wifi card and click on

           uninstall, when the box comes up, ensure there is no check in the box for remove software for this device...

        - Reboot the computer and try again. If this does not help go to step 3.


step3) Go to your old computer that can connect on wifi... Open network connections by clicking on start>control panel> network connections (assuming its on classic view.)  Right click on the wireless network connection and click on properties.. click on internet protocol tcp/ip and click on properties. ON the dialog box that comes up, Check if theres a static Ipaddress or DNS address  set on your old computer.. If there are values set for ipaddress and DNS then that meas that you are using static settings, you can copy those values into the new computer and try connecting again. otherwise you must contact your ISP or router manufacturer (whoever provided you the router) to make sure there is no mac address filtering feature enabled on your router.


Hope this helps a bit..







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Re: Wifi won't connect to router

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Microsoft offers this, Jeanette.


   Troubleshoot problems finding wireless networks

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Re: Wifi won't connect to router

I have a different computer (Qosmio G55) but this sounds like Toshiba software/hardware issue. See my post at to see what I went through right out of the box. I tried just about everything the other posters here say to no advantage. This is the same routine tech support put me through also and I wound having to reinstall the whole system in 32-bit to get mine working (although I'm going to try again with 64-bit once I recover!)


Good luck! I still love Toshiba in spite off . . .

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Re: Wifi won't connect to router

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If all the above doesn't work you may want to check waht type of router you have. Routers like NETGEAR and DLINK require an installer disk to allow your computer to connect to the router. Not using the installer disc will either connect you but give you an unidentified network without internet connection, or simply won't allow you to see the network. LINKSYS routers don't normally require an installer dic and will allow you to automatically connect as soon as you turn on the computer. Check the box for the router and check if you have a disc that came with it. Chances are you need to install the disc to be able to connect to the router. Hope this helps!
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Re: Wifi won't connect to router

Thanks for all the great tips. I went through the suggestions and the solution was just something I kept over looking, there was one extra character in the router/network name that caused it to not find it. I should have caught it before.
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Re: Wifi won't connect to router

alright, you guys are the best.  i connected in safe mode on my sister's laptop and the internet works just fine.  can't get it to work out of safe mode though.  where do i go to begin figuring out what the problem is with it if that is the case?


thanks guys.     

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Re: Wifi won't connect to router

i connected in safe mode on my sister's laptop and the internet works just fine.  can't get it to work out of safe mode though.  where do i go to begin figuring out what the problem is with it if that is the case?

I assume you mean Safe Mode with Networking.


Which laptop? In particular, which version of Windows? Troubleshooting differs depending on that.