Wifi turns off (i think to save power), but I have to run troubleshooter to get it back on.

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Wifi turns off (i think to save power), but I have to run troubleshooter to get it back on.

If I'm either using an internet source other than wifi (ethernet cable, Verizon Wireless card, etc), the wireless capability turns off.  I think this is to save power.  I dont mind the computer turning off the wifi if I'm not using it.  But i can't figure out how to turn it back on without running trouble-shooter.


There are two parts to my issue:


1. The wifi turns off after a while even though I dont have any of my power saving features set to turn off the wifi.


2. Regardless of why the wifi is turning off, I cant get ti back on without running the troubleshooter.  The wireless button on my laptop says the wifi is on.  If I turn it on and off, it does nothing.  This also applies when I use the function keys.  The only thing that says that it's turned off is the troubleshooter.  When I run the troubleshooter, it says "Wireless Capability is turned off", and then gives me the option to fix the issue by turning it back on.


Once I run the troubleshooter it works fine, except somethimes I have to do it a couple times to make it turn on.  But then if I disconnect and dont use it for a while, the wireless capability turns off again and I have to run the troubleshooter again to get it back on.  Again, everything else I go to says the wireless card is on and working (wireless toggle switch, device manager, control panel, etc).  But the trouble shooter detects that the wireless cabibility is disabled.


i have a new toshiba A665-S5170, Windows 7 (64 bit).  wireless card is built in.  wireless switch is not a physical switch, but rather a "touch" button that relies on the computer to actually make it turn on and off.  or I can use the function keys, which have not always worked at all.


Thank you for your help.