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WiFi Connection

As I type this message, I am not having a problem however, I anticipate I will, as my problem appears to be erratic.  I just purchased a Satellite P855-S5312, brought it home and had no problems getting online. 3 days later, I could not get a WiFi connection to get online (other computer in house has no prob getting connection).  I went to Control Panel > Network & Internet > Intel ProSet/Wireless Tools > Diagnose > Run Tests and found there was a failed Radio Test.  I figured out how to switch on the "Radio" (how did it get switched off?) and everything was fine.  The next day, I once again could not get a WiFi connection (other computer cont's to work fine).  I tried again the fore-mentioned test, and this time the Association Test failed.  Do not no how to rectify that so I just logged off and powered down the laptop and when I powered it up again I was able to get a WiFi connection.  After a few hours same prob happened again.  I logged off and powered down again, then turned it back on and everything seems to be working for the last few hrs.  I anticipate this is going to be a problem...what should I do to fix?