Wi-Fi not working

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Wi-Fi not working

The wireless internet hasn't been working on my laptop (Toshiba E205) for two days now, starting from around eight o'clock on Monday. It was working that morning, too. Troubleshooting tells me that I need to turn on a Wi-Fi switch.


On F8 there's a little image of a tower with waves going out that I assume to be the Wi-Fi switch, but whenever I press Fn+F8 nothing happens. And on the side of the keyboard where there are touch buttons like volume up or down, there's an icon with a laptop and waves going out, but when I press that it lights up for a second then dims again.


Any idea what to do? Is there some kind of switch I should press somewhere? Help! ('cause I need somebody, help! not just anybody, help! you know, I need someone, HEEEELP!)

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Re: Wi-Fi not working

Which E205? What is the part number? What country?


Which Windows?

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