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After reloading my Satellite from the recovery disks (& subsequent uploads from Microsoft to SP3), the WiFi doesn't accept WPA2 Network Authorizations (and therefore no AES encryption).  I used this before because it is required for my company network.  When I try to load the updates from the MS Windows XP site, I cannot load the specific updates for fixing this problem because I get the dialog box saying that a newer file is already on my computer.

How do I get WPA2 back?

(What it shows for network authorizations is Open, Shared, WPA, and WPA-PSK).



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Re: WPA2

try this...



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Re: WPA2


But when I try to load that update, I get a dialog box "Setup has detected that the Service Pack version of this system is newer than the update you are applying.  There is not need to install this update." (Not only is there "no need",  but it will not let me).  The computer is on SP3 & I don't think you can uninstall a service pack.  I looked throught the Add/Remove in Control Panel & this update number is not there to remove & reinstall.

Thanks again.  Any more ideas on where WPA2 disappeared to after the reinstall process?