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Very Slow internet connection. Toshiba satellite c655-s5235

I have a 1 Mb internet connection and the others laptops connect fast to the internet but my toshiba satellite c655-s5235 has become very slow it only connects to the internet a the speed of 19 kb or less both wire and wireless and my connection is 1 Mb and the others devices work perfect very , the laptop is running on windows 7 all the drivers are updated i haven't make any changes to settings. Help Please

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Re: Very Slow internet connection. Toshiba satellite c655-s5235

There's no reason that I can think of for your laptop to have a slower network connection than other devices.


Recovering your laptop to its original, out-of-the-box state is a great way to eliminate software as a possible cause of the problem. Note that doing a system recovery will return the laptop to its default conditions, completely wiping your data. Information on how to perform a system recovery can be found in your user's guide on page 64.


If you can't solve your issue and no one in the community can help, you can try contacting support to speak with a tech support agent at (800) 457-7777.

- Peter