Tobisha Wifi Drivers

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Tobisha Wifi Drivers

Ok Computer crashed and i happened to have an instalation disk of windows vista home basic. All went well until i tried to find drivers, found drivers for everything including the ethernet port and so on, The problem comes form trying to find the driver for the WIFI adapter Ive tried the Toshiba site, and all it gave me was crap, sorry toshiba but you kindaare letting me down. The driver came in a self installing utility which dosent help at all. Tried Driver Genious pro, still dosent work. the WiFi radio glows orange when i turn the swich on (im sure its supposed to be blue) and the Keyboard funtion keys dont all


Toshiba SatlliteL305-S5955

Windows Home Basic x32

2 Gig RAM

SATA Hardrive


WiFi sticker:


Contains radio device:RT8187B


Ive loked on realtek website also same usles compilation of coding downloaded about 200 times so far, i know its a bit too much but can i please have a link to the acctual Working Wifi Driver or instructions on how to use it properly


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Re: Tobisha Wifi Drivers


Satellite L305-S5955 


This is the correct driver.


   Realtek Wireless LAN Driver for Windows Vista (32/64bit) / XP


My guess is that you installed things in the wrong order. You should install the Intel chipset software followed by the Intel display driver prior to any other drivers.

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Re: Tobisha Wifi Drivers

Thanks allot ima going to try it now if it works Thank you so much, and if it dosent oh well but still thank you for your time.

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Re: Tobisha Wifi Drivers

Realtek Wireless LAN Driver for Windows 7 (32/64) does´t work under u505-sp2916r, only bluetooth work with switch belong to wireless adapter.


El driver no funciona en una satellite u505-sp2916r, en su lugar me aparece el bluetooth que si apago el switch del wifi se apaga el bluetooth