Satellite L655-S5115 network drivers

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Satellite L655-S5115 network drivers

I was forced to do a clean install of windows. I got all other drivers to work, but I can not seem to get any network drivers to work, or even locate some.


I managed to install my LAN driver, which is Atheros AR8152, but plugging my modem directly to the computer just gets me an "Unidentified network" with no internet.


As for Wi-Fi, I can't get any of the drivers listed for this computer, of which there are many, to work at all. So it's as if my Wi-Fi adapter doesn't exist at all. When I look at my Device Manager, I have a "Network Controller" with a yellow "!" on it. Am I correct in assuming this is my Wi-Fi adapter, not recognized?


I suppose my question is, in addition to the Atheros driver, is there anything else I'm supposed to install to have wired internet? And secondly, where can I find out what brand or model my wireless network adapter is so I can dig up a driver for that?

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Re: Satellite L655-S5115 network drivers

What made you do the clean install? It's usually much easier to use the Toshiba image.


There's no way to know which wireless adapter you have if it's not listed in Device Manager (short of opening up the computer of course).


Have you tried the Intel Wireless, Realtek, Broadcom, and Atheros drivers?

- Peter