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Satellite C855 Wifi is Horrifyingly slow



 I purchased a Satellite C855D-S5110 on Sunday, brought it home Monday and since then the Wireless connection has been horribly slow. I've installed the latest Realtek drivers from their site, I've run the netsh.... Disable stuff in the cmd prompt. I've turned off the Firewall and Anti-Virus. I've set the TX speed to 100%.  NOTHING has worked. On the wireless, I'm downloading at an average of about 30Kbps, when it's plugged into the router it's downloading at an average of 300Kbps.


 This seems to be a popular problem around here with various models. So how can I fix it. Using Windows 8 as well.



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Re: Satellite C855 Wifi is Horrifyingly slow

Maybe try turning off all security on the WiFi router and see if that helps? Change the wifi channel to 1 or 11. Also, if you can go somewhere that has free wifi and check it there it may provide some insight.


I had similar issues with a RealTek RTL8188CE and a WNDR3400 router. 

One of the issues I could not get rid of was pinging the router from the cmd prompt, ping -l 1500. Some of the packets would time out and others would take 3000 + ms, (3 seconds), to return. Normal returns should be 1-2 ms.

I eventually decided that the card had to be bad, it would do it on any wifi I connected with. I had tried every driver I could from Toshiba and also Realtek.

I tried a usb wifi dongle I borrowed and had no problems with it.

I eventually gave up and replaced the WiFi card. Haven't had any issues since then.

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Re: Satellite C855 Wifi is Horrifyingly slow

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 Ok, well I've just gotten off th ephone with Toshiba "Expert" support. She did a Remote ont he Computer. Saw it wasn't working properly, rebooted in Safe Mode, went to Yahoo and Google, pointed out to me How Much faster they were loading, told me it was a Software issue and for her to fix it with a scanning software would cost me $200. I Tested the connection, with her still on the phone. It's still slow as **bleep** even in Safe Mode. Yes, a few webpages are loading faster but download speed is still down where it's been since I got the thing. She INSISTED it was a software issue and I needed to run the scanning program to fix it.


 Since I'm not going to pay $200 to fix a BRAND NEW $300 computer that should've worked in the first place, I'm left with deciding whether to take it back to Best Buy and return it as Defective or what. I REALLY like the laptop, it works GREAT when it's plugged into the Router, but the Wireless SHOULD NOT be this slow.


 I need help here.


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Re: Satellite C855 Wifi is Horrifyingly slow

 I just picked up a C855 from Woot and overall the laptop is good. I have a Lenovo laptop and it has a rock solid wifi connection. The Realtek RTL8188CE in the Toshiba is a complete piece of crap. I can get 24 Mbps on the Lenovo and only about 6 Mbps on the Toshiba with the laptops right next to each other and testing off of


Any ideas on who makes a replacement internal Wifi card or is this sucker soldered on to the mainboard?


Thanks in Advance