Satellite A105 limited or no connectivity

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Satellite A105 limited or no connectivity

I recently restored my satellite a105 to its out-of-the-box state. Everything works fine for a while until I receive a limited or no connectivity message from my wireless network connection after i've istalled a few programs and rebooted a few times. The other computers connected to my network function properly but the satellite refuses to do so and i've done everything i can think of to make it work.  It also will not work through a wired connection. I'm useing a linksys wireless-n rounter. I'm also fairly knowledgeable about home network setup but i'm no expert either.

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Re: Satellite A105 limited or no connectivity

If you have Windows XP, maybe this helps.


   How to troubleshoot home networking in Windows XP


Do your troubleshooting with a wired connection.


Which Satellite A105?

Channel 9