Public Wireless Network Access

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Public Wireless Network Access

I have a Satellite A-105 S2071. I have been attempting to access an unsecure public wireless network without success. I connect(apparently), but I get the message "Acquiring network address" or "Acquiring IP address". It goes no further. No repsonse of any kind is forthcoming. Other Satellite laptops work fine in the same area. I have contacted the support section for the network with no success. Does anyone know what my problem might be. I have  dial-up network soft ware installed, does that have any bearing on the problem? Thanks. Ted Malcor
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Re: Public Wireless Network Access

Dial up connection works differently with Wireless.


Try this,


Device manager > Network adapters > look for the wireless adapter on the list, then right click on it, select "uninstall" then just click on "OK".

Right click on Network adapters then "Scan for Hardware changes". The driver you uninstalled will be automatically installed on the computer.


Restart you computer once finished and try connecting to the wifi network again.

*Read EULA before installing any software.
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Re: Public Wireless Network Access

If you have a dialup internet software installed..just make sure that the "never dial up a connection" is selected under connections in IE options..

Then just delete any wireless network profile..restart computer..then reconnect back to the public network..


Hope this helps...