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Network Adapters

Dear Toshiba Tech Support:


Re: S/N: 8B028217W, Part #: PSK1WU-077044


L755-S5275 15.6” Notebook, Windows 7 Operating System


I have had the notebook for only about 6 weeks.  Just recently, I noticed messages indicating problems.  The Diagnostic Tool included in the computer's software indicates that the Network Test failed.  Further checking showed problems with the following Network Adapters:


- Microsoft 6to4 Adapter

- Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #1

- Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #2

- Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface


The indicator showed that these devices could not start.  The trouble-shooter said to update the drivers, but this did not work.


Further, under Devices and Printers, the computer shows that it is in need of trouble-shooting, but trouble-shooting and suggestions (updating the driver) did not fix the problem.


While I have not noticed any operational problems with my computer, I am concerned about these problems showing up in several areas.  I am also concerned because I have only had the computer for less than 2 months.


Thank you very much for your help with this.





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Re: Network Adapters

Are you still able to connect to your network with this notebook? If so, do you use wireless or a wired connection?


While I realize you're using Windows 7, I did find this article by Microsoft on the issue with Windows Vista machines, and it appears to be a "false positive" so to speak. Again, that article refers to Vista though, so it might mean nothing.


You could try opening Device Manager, right-clicking on the problem adapters, and selecting "Uninstall." Only uninstall one at a time, and reboot after each. If it was my computer though, I'd only do that if I actually noticed a problem with my use of the computer.

- Peter