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NB305 Unable to connect to Wireless Network


I have a Toshiba NB305 that I have had about two weeks and love, but I lost internet yesterday and haven't been able to get it back.

When I try to connect to my home wireless network, it just says it is unable to connect.  I have tried troubleshooting and it tells my to investigate router or access point (telling me to unplug and plug, check wires, etc.)  Obviously, the router is working fine because my desktop, which I am using now, and my husband's laptop, have internet just fine.  So if I click skip this step it tells me Windows can not resolve my wireless connectivity issue.

I got the usb bluetooth thingy to use with my cell phone (I plan on getting a Droid) but have only installed the software and have not actually used it yet.  Could this be causing a conflict?  The connections that show up are two pdanet modem (I think the software got loaded twice) and the wireless network connection (Atheros AR9285.)  I have disconnected both pdanet modems but still am unable to get any action in trying to connect the Atheros.


Sorry this is a long post, but I am getting frustrated and will greatly appreciate any help any one can send my way.


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Re: NB305 Unable to connect to Wireless Network

Ok, I seem to have fixed my computer.  My well-meaning, but takes-six-months-to-finish-anything husband uninstalled the Atheros driver, and then I got tired of waiting for him to find it online, load it on a jump drive, and reinstall it on my computer.  I tried finding the driver software myself, got frustrated because I don't speak Czech, and figured that even though the hubby had uninstalled the driver, he probably had not deleted it.  So I got on my little netbook and, sure enough, the driver was still there and all I needed to do was reinstall it.  And now I have internet again.  I don't know if this will help any one else out there with a similar problem, but hopefully this will be my last post here!

Good luck all!

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Re: NB305 Unable to connect to Wireless Network

Thank you for finding and posting your solution. I might try that if my wireless internet knocked off on me. Hehehe!

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Re: NB305 Unable to connect to Wireless Network

I, myself am terribly frustrated.

 My 305 notebook is not interested,

 about going on line by way of the wireless.

 Message does come the atheros disabled,

 but I check it out and it is not as anticipated.

Woe is me for 2 month's have passed

My patience wears thin, and I recieve no assistance

and the way of the wireless still gives me resistance

Might someone please help me with my delima

and supply a solution so I can get rid of my angring tremors