My wireless network is not detected

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My wireless network is not detected

Hi ...


There is a problem in my laptop ....

I have a modem Edimax and my laptop cannot see the wireless network to connect internet. I can connect to the internet by cable but wireless: no way.

This problem from 3 weeks only.My laptop can detect that wireless network before. but now: it can't detect it. I try to reinstall the driver but the problem cannot solved.Other computer can detect it without any problem but my laptop is not


This is my Laptop Info.:

Toshiba Satellite M70-131

Windows XP professional.

service pack 3(after updating).


So, Can anyone help me,please???

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Re: My wireless network is not detected

I have a similar issue, but I cannot connect wireless or wired.  No networks are recognized.  Called tech service--we tried a few thing to no avail.  Unit is now in shop and is getting a new hard drive and a chip(don't know which one).  Hopefully this resolves the problem.  
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Re: My wireless network is not detected

Satellite M70-131


Work your way carefully through this Microsoft document. It applies to SP3 too.


   How to troubleshoot wireless network connections in Windows XP Service Pack 2  

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