My Modem Does Not Detect a Dial Tone

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My Modem Does Not Detect a Dial Tone

I have a Toshiba L305-S5919 with Windows VISTA Home Basic.  The dial-up modem has worked fine for a year, and now (coincidentally right after the warranty expired) it does not work anymore.  I get Error 680 - No Dial Tone.  It started happening while I was actually connected to a dial-up session.  I have checked the phone line, the phone cord (both are fine, as I have no trouble connecting with my other laptop).  The modem diagnostics say the modem is working normally.  I also downloaded the latest driver (which I already had, but I reinstalled the driver anyway).  Nothing.  It seems like the modem is "on hold".  I suppose the physical modem has just malfunctioned, but I would think I would get an error message when I run modem diagnostics.  (It also works fine with a wireless or a DSL connection.)  What could be wrong?  Thanks.

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Re: My Modem Does Not Detect a Dial Tone

This should have been posted in the Networking Forum, but I'll give it a go anyway. 


Unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery, then press and hold the power button down for a minimum of 30 seconds.  Now replace the battery and see if it powers up.  If that doesn't help, try going into Device Manager and uninstalling it then immediately reboot the system to have Windows automatically re-install it.  These two steps often times fix a problem like this. 


If you don't post your COMPLETE model number it's very difficult to assist you. Please try to post in complete sentences with punctuation, capitals, and correct spelling. Toshiba does NOT provide any direct support in these forums. All support is User to User in their spare time.

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Re: My Modem Does Not Detect a Dial Tone

Run PC Diagnostic Tool


(Start - Type "PC Diagnostic Tool" on the search box, hit Enter)


Click Diagnostics on the top, uncheck ALL except for Modem and click "Diagnose" (or something close) on the lower right corner of the window.


Note: Your phone line must be connected to the laptop.


If it fails, and probably it will, call tech support to look for repair options. Chances are, the modem is dead already.

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