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'Limited Access' to the Internet Laptop L670-02L

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I recently bought a Toshiba L670-02L laptop and it won't connect to the wireless internet. It says 'limited access'. How do you fix this problem?

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Re: 'Limited Access' to the Internet Laptop L670-02L

I am having exactly the same problem with a Satellite A665 S6070 (see post). Also looking for a solution.

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Re: 'Limited Access' to the Internet Laptop L670-02L

I had the same 'limited access' problem with my laptop (Satellite C660-119 with Windows 7). The wired connection to the router worked fine, it was only when using the wireless connection that I had the problem.


I finally managed to fix the problem (well I've had a solid wireless connection now for the past 2 days) by doing the following:


1) Changed the wireless card power settings to be the same on battery as when plugged in.

Although this didn't solve the problem, I'm going to keep it like this as I've seen it as a recommended fix on other postings (theory is that when powered from battery - to save power - the laptop will periodically reduce/remove power to the wireless card, leading to the 'limited access' problem).

I did this via Start->Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Power Options. My laptop was configured for the 'Balanced' option so I used 'Change plan settings' then 'Change advanced power settings' to select 'Wireless Adapter Settings'. Selecting 'Power Saving Mode' then allows you to switch the 'On battery' setting from 'Medium Power Saving' to 'Maximum Performance' (i.e. the same setting as for 'Plugged in').


2) Re-installed new driver for my Realtek RTL8188CE wireless card.

This was the main fix!

The driver supplied with the laptop was version 1002.2.0428.2010. When I used Device Manager (Start, then type 'device manager' in 'search programs and files'), selected 'Network adapters' and right clicked on the wireless card to 'Update Driver Software' it said that the driver was up to date. After exploring all other avenues, I finally decided to Disable the card and then Uninstall the driver. I then went to the Realtek website and downloaded the driver for the card (I think it's the same as the one for a Realtek RTL8192CE card). After installing the new driver, the version is now showing as 1005.8.1101.2010, with the date showing as 1st November 2010 - i.e. it has been updated despite the initial check showing that my original driver was current. Since installing the new driver I have not had any 'limited access' problems and am no longer chained to my router by an ethernet cable!


I hope this helps...

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Re: 'Limited Access' to the Internet Laptop L670-02L

Limited Access to Internet, (Satellite A660D, windows 7).

Will not connect to wifi or wired connection to router.

When I check Device Manager > Network Adapters, I have two options > Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter, and > Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller.

There is no "wireless card" ...
Can anyone help point me toward the right direction to fix this issue please?