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L875D-S7332 keeps dropping wireless connection



I have 4 Toshiba laptops that will not stay connected to the internet. They keep dropping the wireless. My latest one L875D-S7332 has Windows 8 which is the the biggest PITA yet.


All of them drop the internet though. I have reset the Yubi router, updated all of the drivers, have unchecked the shut the device down checkbox. Nothing works.


I am seeing this is almost a recall issue for Toshiba. I even called Toshiba and they had no help. They were going to escalate to Level 2 but I never received a response.



Anyone have any other thing I can try.


It is in device mgr and it says it is working fine.





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Re: L875D-S7332 keeps dropping wireless connection

Check this post and see if any of the options in the second post possibly help.