Gigabit missing/not working - Satellite A665-S6055

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Gigabit missing/not working - Satellite A665-S6055

I have just purchased a Satellite A665-S6055 which is supposed to have gigabit ethernet. However I cannot get it to connect at that speed and suspect this model doesn't actually have gigabit ethernet.

I'm using a gigabit switch and have two other PCs that connect at gigabit speed. My switch is showing a link light only at 100MBps wth the laptop. I've swapped cables and I am sure it is not  a problem with my network gear since my other PCs can connect at the correct speed.

I checked for a BIOS option, installed the driver on the Toshiba site, and installed the driver on the RealTek site. Nothing has corrected the problem. I contacted tech support and at level 2 was unable to even get an answer as to whether or not the laptop actually has a gigabit adapter.

At one point I was told it did not but I then pointed the tech to these sites which show it does:

In device manager the network adapter shows as RealTek PCIe FE Family Controller. I' suspect that FE stands for Fast Ehernet which is only 100Mbps. Through searching the web I've also seen references to a RealTek PCIe GBE Family Controller which I assume is for the gigabit. There are no options for 1000Mbps speeds when configuring the adapter like my other PC with gigabit ethernet has.

To me it appears that either the specs are wrong or someone put in the wrong part during assembly. I don't beleive it is a driver or configuration error - this laptop simply does not have a gigabit ethernet adapter in it.

Can anyone here give me an answer - maybe someone here has the same model and can check? I''m concerned that my return period is running out and Toshiba can't even determine if my laptop has the advertised specifications.

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Re: Gigabit missing/not working - Satellite A665-S6055



This is still a problem! One of my main criteria when buying my new P750 was gigabit ethernet. Customer service said it had gigabit ethernet. The spec sheet said gigabit ethernet. The laptop has the FE controller which is not gigabit.