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Can not connect to new DSL modem via ethernet, only via wifi. Why?

I have a broadband cable modem that I've been using for years with a TrendNet wireless router.  I recently signed up for AT&T aDSL to compare DSL to cable broadband.  The 2Wire DSL (residential gateway) modem has wifi with 4 ethernet ports.  My Toshiba Satellite A215-S7422, Vista (32) HP, connects to the cable modem/router both wirelessly and via ethernet.


However, my laptop will only connect to the DSL RG wirelessly, NOT via ethernet.  If I plug the cable back into the cable modem/router, it connects fine.  When I plug it into the DSL gateway, the ethernet light does not come on, and running Network Diagnostics gives the message that an ethernet cable is unplugged.  The cable is good, though, because I can connect to the cable/router with it.


I want to switch to the DSL gateway because I can save $44.95 per month by cancelling my cable internet service.


I know all the hardware is working properly.  I thought the ethernet ports on the DSL gateway were bad, but lo and behold, my 10 year old Dell laptop with Windows 98SE connects to it via ethernet!  I also have a Windows XP x64 desktop that connects to the cable/router fine, but it, too, will not connect to the DSL gateway via ethernet.


I think this has to be a software or configuration problem with the Toshiba (and my XP desktop) that prevents the LAN connection to the DSL RG.


This is what I've tried already.  I've unplugged and rebooted the DSL gateway numerous times.  I've turned off the cable modem and router in case there was some ghostly interference with DSL.  I've rebooted my laptop many, many times.  I've uninstalled the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller NIC both in safe mode and normal, and let Vista reinstall it.  The NIC drivers are the latest version.  I've tweaked the registry to enable the BROADCAST flag (per MS kb928233).  I've called AT&T support, who could not tell what the problem was and suggested I subscribe to their ConnecTech service for help from their alpha geeks, but the alpha geeks have never kept the appointments set up with them (4 appointments were missed, but that's another problem).  Everything is set up for DHCP.  The IP addresses of my cable/router ( and my DSL gateway ( should not conflict.  I've spent days on the internet trying to find a solution to this problem with no success.  I've been to AT&T's and 2Wire's support websites, too.


Does anyone have a solution or another avenue for me to pursue to resolve this problem?  Help!

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Re: Can not connect to new DSL modem via ethernet, only via wifi. Why?

Just to let the Forum know, I resolved this problem by replacing the 2Wire DSL residential gateway with a Netgear Wireless-N 300 GDN2000 router with DSL modem.  Everything works well, and AT&T took back their modem.

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Re: Can not connect to new DSL modem via ethernet, only via wifi. Why?

Sheesh. The AT&T modem simply didn't work with Windows NT?


Too bad the geeks didn't come to explain why.


Thanks for coming back to report the outcome.