Atheros AR5007EG Custom Settings To Improve Wifi Performance!!

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Atheros AR5007EG Custom Settings To Improve Wifi Performance!!

Hello there!


I have L305-S5891 running Win Vista SP2. All of my drivers are alwayz upto date as I'm a very tech savvy person. I recently updated my Wifi drivers too, since Toshiba support suggested that there are new drivers for the Atheros card. So went ahead and updated...


Every seems to work perfectly no problems watsoever!!! Smiley Happy


Current Driver Version :

Driver Date                 : 4/22/2009


 My question is of informative type. Believe me I've searched the internet for its answer too but haven't had any luck so thought maybe the guru's could shine their expertise on this issue.


Goin to Network and Sharing Center then you will see your access point you are currently connected too Click on Status, then in the status window Click on Wireless Properties....


It brings another box of your connected Access Point with some options. Now users with this wifi card with lastest drivers "Enable Atheros Settings" Clickin on that highlights enables "Configure"


These are the options that I've...

1). Enable 2.4 GHz band

2). Enable Radio Measurement

3). Enable Advanced Roaming Setting >Roaming option "Default"


I want to know if I enable any of these options what difference will it have on the wifi connection and will it helps, and also do they really help or not...I experimented with the settings On/Off but network seemed more fluid without them, your suggestions and comments are welcomed? Thank you...sorry for the long post!!!