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Atheros AR5004G Wireless adapter issue

Is there an updated driver somewhere for this WLAN to allow WPA-personal security settings?  All other computers in use on my network have this setting, but I cannot connect this one because of this.  Any help is appreciated. 

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Re: Atheros AR5004G Wireless adapter issue


updating the driver/reinstalling it is  what you can do..


can be a problem with your current OS or filtering set on the wifi network...

wireless adapters dont have their own wireless security config...

they only get security settings from the network they are connected to.

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Re: Atheros AR5004G Wireless adapter issue

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WPA can be used.


It may require using the Atheros Client Utility to configure the wireless settings.



Atheros Client Utility is needed in XP Service Pack 1.


XP Service Pack 2 can configure wireless WPA native.




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