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    I bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite L755 a few days back.My touchpad worked the first time I put on my laptop....but when I fixed an external mouse my touchpad stopped working does'nt when work even when i remove the mouse...I need help fast... Thankyou!

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Re: touchpad

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Go to Control Panel/Mouse/Device Settings/Make sure your TouchPad is selected in the window and that the box just below the window is unchecked that says "Disable lnternal pointing device when external USB pointing device is attached". Click Apply if changes were made and OK.


In case you aren't aware, pressing FN+F9 toggles the TouchPad on/off.  Some models also have a small physical on/off switch located in the bottom keyboard bezel just below the center of the space bar.


If you need to post back here, please give your COMPLETE model info as in my examples below so we can be sure what features your model has.




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