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satelite A100 touchpad, cursor moves but can't click

Hi, I'm new on here and don't really know what to write but basically, my touchpad will work to point at things but it won't click on anything. I have updated driver and it hasn't made any difference. My laptop is very important for my work and I rely on the touchpad as limited space makes it difficult to use a mouse. Is it a technical problem or is it physically broken?

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Re: satelite A100 touchpad, cursor moves but can't click

Hook up an external mouse and see if you get the same results. My feeling is that this is a mouse button board problem. On a lot of Toshiba laptops you can disable the "Internal Pointing Device" in the Bios, but if you did, you would not have the touchpad cursor control either. Sure, you can change the mouse settings and update the driver, and even flip the mouse button settings, but there is nothing there to disable the mouse buttons.


Typically, there are the physical mouse buttons and below that there is a small circuit board that senses the mouse button pushes. In this case, you are not complaining that the mouse buttons are bad, but the mouse buttons don't work. You probably have a bad mouse button board. Could be the cable that does between the mouse and the system board has gotten disconnected or is damaged, but much more common is the mouse button board has gone bad.

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Re: satelite A100 touchpad, cursor moves but can't click

Updated driver and still an issue, was there a reason for a driver update if all was okay before the concern?  If it was all fine then uninstall that newer driver and revert back.  You can go to Device Manager, deinstall mice, reboot and allow new hardware wizard to reset the drivers.