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how to disable touchpad

I have a new Toshiba C655-S5128 Laptop. Touchpad driving me crazy as I use a mouse. Have tried Fn/F9 key and nothing happens. Cannot find solution here as dialog boxes are different. Working with Windows 7 Home Premium new to me also. HELP please. Not sure how to use forum either...a real newbie!

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Re: how to disable touchpad

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Satellite C655-S5128



Won't hurt to reinstall the touchpad driver and the TVAP.


   Synaptics TouchPad Driver


   Toshiba Value Added Package


A workaround is to open Device Manager (devmgmt.msc), expand Mice and other pointing devices, right-click the Synaptics device, and click Disable.

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Re: how to disable touchpad

It is probably different for every model, but I went to my user guide, for my model L875D, and was advised to use F5, not F9.  F5 did work, I finally got my touchpad disabled.

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Re: how to disable touchpad

Those got switched around a bit with the 800 series.


Along with the changes to the way the numbered 'F' keys operate, the specific functions of the different keys have changed as follows:

  • F1     Help files
  • F2     Decreases screen brightness
  • F3     Increases screen brightness
  • F4     Changes display output
  • F5     Enables and disables the touchpad
  • F6     Reverse
  • F7     Play / Pause
  • F8     Fast forward
  • F9     Decreases speaker volume
  • F10   Increases speaker volume
  • F11   Mutes the sound coming from the computer
  • F12   Enables and disables internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules

[From Toshiba Support Bulletin 98083985.]