cannot use some button on toshiba qosmio f750

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cannot use some button on toshiba qosmio f750

I cannot use Media control button and touch pad on/off button maybe I need driver for it to work? 

I just get this labtop yesterday.please help.











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Re: cannot use some button on toshiba qosmio f750

In the first place, if you just got this machine yesterday, it ought to go immediately back where you bought it for an exchange.  You shouldn't have to fix problems right out of the box. 


That said, you could try one thing.  Do a System Reset which often fixes problems with those Media Buttons. Turn off computer. Remove all attachments and battery. Press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds.  Attach Power and insert battery.  Start computer and tap F2 at the Toshiba splash screen to get in BIOS.  Press F9 to setup system defaults. Answer Yes. Press F10 to Save Configuration Changes and Exit.  Answer Yes to complete the process.  The computer will restart.




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Re: cannot use some button on Toshiba qosmio f750

thank you for your help.


but now I can fix it and it work just fine.


all I do was install some driver from this link 


Now I hope if someone have same ploblem as me.This can be help.