arrow keys are not working

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arrow keys are not working

Lately, my arrow keys are not working.. Sometimes they do (for example if I'm using Word and programs like that), but when I'm online and I try to use them they don't seem to work (it doesn't matter the page I'm in, it just doesn't work). I don't know if I need to install something or what I need to do :/

Anyways.. if there is something I can download or do to fix it, please let me know.

Thanks :smileyhappy:

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Re: arrow keys are not working

try this. shut down computer. turn it on & keep tapping f8. u will go to an advance options menu. use up and down arrow. if its working then download latest bios setting on and if same issue occurs. use recovery disk but backup ur data 1st. load cd, restart ur computer hold c on keyboard to rest ur computer