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Touchpad stopped working on Toshiba Mini Laptop

I have a similar issue to some of the other postings here, and nothing I have tried so far works. My touchpad and the mouse buttons below it stopped working. I have a Toshiba Mini (NB305-N310) running Windows XP. I just purchased it in March this year and have had no issues until last weekend. Here is what I have tried so far:


1. I tried toggling the touchpad and and off using Fn+F9. It makes no difference if it's enabled or disabled or whether my USB mouse is plugged in or not.

2. I tried going into the Mouse settings in the control panel, and then to the device settings tab, but nothing is there. An option used to be there because I was in there a few weeks ago to turn down the touchpad sensitivity. It has since disappeared.

3. I took the laptop to tech support at a computer store and they were unable to resolve the issue. They suggested that the touchpad has died so the system no longer recognizes it.

4. I tried doing a system restore to 10 days ago and it didn't change anything. So I undid that then restored back a month. Still it didn't make a difference so I reversed that so I'm back to the current date.


Does anyone have additional suggestions, or should I try sending my laptop to Toshiba to replace the touchpad? I appreciate any assistance you can provide!

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Re: Touchpad stopped working on Toshiba Mini Laptop

trulykristine..appears you did a heap of leg work here, if the Device Manager cannot recognize the hardware, then it is generally not there, often installing a driver will help  Does the external mouse operational prove to be functional?  Taking to a Service Center will allow for indepth diagnostic and return to operational status, PLUS a warranty period. Maybe the best solution to ease the headache.

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Re: Touchpad stopped working on Toshiba Mini Laptop


mini notebook NB305-N310


Thank you for all that information. Sometimes missing devices get resurrected this way.


With the battery and AC adapter removed, close the Power switch for half-a-minute.


Re-attach those, press the Power button to turn the computer on, and then immediately press the F2 key while the Toshiba logo is displayed. Press F9 to restore the BIOS default settings, press F10, and then select Yes (Exit Saving Changes). The computer will restart.

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Re: Touchpad stopped working on Toshiba Mini Laptop

On the task bar on bottom of page, click on the compter icon, then click on tap to click this turns touch pad on

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Re: Touchpad stopped working on Toshiba Mini Laptop

well trulykristine--with all the recommendations can you provide an update of oyur status?  Thanks