Touchpad not working Satellite L645D-S4040

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Touchpad not working Satellite L645D-S4040

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Basically the same problem everyone else has.. Touchpad not responding, i did a system restore, and out of the box and still no response. 

I found the driver i need, but am not sure how to install it, or find the broken driver to uninstall it..

It doesn't even recongnize the old touchpad driver, just the plug in mouse i use.. 

Please help!?

Satellite L545D-S4040 

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Re: Touchpad not working Satellite L645D-S4040

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The bottom line is this. If you performed a Toshiba Recovery to return your unit to its factory default out-of-the-box setup, and the touchpad did not work immediately after then it has failed. This type of recovery is considered the gold standard test on whether you have a hardware failure/problem, as opposed to a software/driver/update problem or conflict.