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Touchpad freezes randomly

My friend just purchased a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5137 laptop about 10 days ago and is having an issue with the touchpad.


Randomly, the mouse will freeze up and now allow him to do anything.  It will freeze for about 3-5 seconds and then all off a sudden, it will work fine until it randomly does it again.


I was hoping it would be a driver issue; however, he is running v15.0.8.1 of the Synaptic's driver.


When he plugs in an external mouse, it works fine.


Thanks for any help ... v/r, Curt

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Re: Touchpad freezes randomly

Satellite C655-S5137


Easiest thing is to try is to reload the driver.


Synaptics TouchPad Driver(v15.0.8.1)



Also, see this article, though it may not be the problem per se, it will show you how to access the touchpad controls, to try to make adjustments.


Mouse pointer jumps around as you type



Good luck.



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Re: Touchpad freezes randomly



I am having the same/very similar problem and was hoping someone might have an update.


I am running Windows 7 64-Bit on a Satellite C655-S5128.  As I am using the touchpad, sometimes the cursor will hang or get "stuck" as described above.  This happens at various times, with no connection to using any particular software or performing any particular activity.  It happens while actively using the mouse, not returning from an absense or when the computer was otherwise idle.  Sometimes, as descibed above, it will be stuck for a few seconds, and it will again begin responding to finger movement on its own.  Other times that is not enough, but hitting the "windows key" or Ctrl+Alt+Del is enough.  Other times even that is not enough to get it to respond and I must either restart or put the machine to sleep and then wake it up again.


I have reinstalled the origional synaptics driver version that was pre-installed in the machine ( as well as installed the newer version available at the synaptics site (  The problem further persists under both versions.  Moreover, I have disabled all advanced functionality via the synaptics software.  Tapping, scrolling, zooming, etc. are all turned off - the touchpad itself is only functional for moving the mouse, and the buttons have their traditional functionality.  I have also experimented with different levels of palm check and sensitivity functionality, to no avail.  The problem persists regardless of the levels for those settings.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Touchpad freezes randomly

I am haveing the exact same problem and it hapens several times an hour very worysome.

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Re: Touchpad freezes randomly

we have same problem even i format my windows mouse cursor freezes every 3-5 second mouse driver can't install i don't know what causing of this error wish not a malware.I hope some expert could help us and solve our problem.


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Re: Touchpad freezes randomly

Hey everyone

I am more or less having the same issue mensioned above. except in my case it freezes for a second. it feal like there is some thing in the cursors way it stack for a second then it moves.

My laptop is satellite C55-B5200 with windows 8.1 preinstalled.


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Re: Touchpad freezes randomly

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While Toshiba/Synaptics do release a new driver,


Go to device manager in control panel.

Open mouse and pointing devices

Right click on Synaptics touchpad

Click Uninstall


You will running on the microsoft driver. This procedure eliminates some functions of the touchpad.


Please read my post.