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Touch pad and Mouse Button Stop Working

Hello Please help,


My Laptop satellite C660-220 Mouse pad and Mouse buttons stopped working. Only External mouse works. Could you please help out?

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Re: Touch pad and Mouse Button Stop Working

This is the site for U.S. computers and yours is a U.K. model with your support and driver downloads located HERE. We don't have a C660 model in the U.S.  However, some things you might check.  FN+F9 turns the TouchPad on/off.  Some models have a small switch recessed in the keyboard bezel between the TouchPad and the Space Key.  It is a push off/push on switch for the TouchPad. Finally, look at Mouse Properties in the Control Panel under the Device Settings tab.  There is a box there that says "Disable internal pointing device when a USB external device is attached".  Make sure that is not checked.


If none of that helps, you need to reinstall your TouchPad driver which you will have to get at the U.K. site I linked you to.  Good Luck!.




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