Toshiba Satellite Touchpad Unresponsive

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Toshiba Satellite Touchpad Unresponsive

So...after countless time spent googling and trying to find solutions, I'm stumped. Here's what I have/what I've done:


Toshiba Satellite P775-S7100. Laptop is only about a month or two old, which is what confuses me so much about having this issue. The touchpad will work for about 20-30 minutes, sometimes even less, and then start to get less responsive until ultimately any kind of touch results in literally no pointer movement. One of the things I've picked up on is that the pad LED light will sometimes dim down on it's own, while the other lights remain just as bright as always. Even still, the LED light can be at it's normal brightness and the touchpad won't respond. 


My first step was removing all attachments, such as the power connector, battery, USB's, headphones, and holding the power button for 15 seconds before reconnecting and rebooting. This was a short-term solution, as the trackpad worked for maybe an hour, which became a trend with everything else I've tried. System restore to a previous point where the trackpad was in perfect working condition had the same result, as well as uninstalling drivers and finding new ones. I also made sure I wasn't going crazy and checked to see if the trackpad was even enabled. Thankfully, I'm not going crazy, but I really do wish the solution could've been that simple. 


At this point, my optimism of this just being some weird hocus pocus software problem is fading. Hopefully it is not in fact a hardware issue that requires me plopping down some cash to fix, but after everything I've tried, it seems like the only option left.


Thanks a ton ahead of time. 


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Re: Toshiba Satellite Touchpad Unresponsive

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This may well be a hardware problem, given your description, especially of the fading light. As your system heats up, a short or bad connection may develop. Regardless, let's try a few troubleshooting steps.


Toshiba notebooks are finicky about only working properly with the Toshiba supplied hardware drivers. For this reason, I recommend disabling automatic updates and only doing manual updates. Click on 'Start - All Programs - Windows Update', on the menu at left click on 'Change settings', under 'Important updates' click on the drop down menu at right, choose 'Never check for updates (not recommended)', and click 'OK'.


Then only do manual updates, check them very carefully, and never let Windows Update change any hardware drivers. Though you should still regularly check for updates. About the 4th Tuesday of the month is good, as Windows Updates come out the 2nd Tues., and this gives Microsoft a couple weeks to resolve any problems with those updates.


Now, try reloading your Toshiba supplied touchpad driver. Download this file to your desktop and double click to install it.


Synaptics TouchPad Driver



Let us know what happens. Good luck.