Satellite L305D-S5893 Keyboard and Touchpad problem

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Satellite L305D-S5893 Keyboard and Touchpad problem

I have a satellite L305D-S5893 laptop that i bought last year. My son reported that the keyboard and touchpad do not function. So i reformated the computer with the provided toshiba restore disks. I erased the harddrive and reinstalled the vista. However the keyboard and mouse still do not function. The internal keybaord and touchpad only works in the bios settings and when i have to choose boot menu and what not. When i plug in an external keyboard and mouse they work fine under vista. This obviously is not a great tradeoff because it limits the portablity of my laptop. It would be nice if i could get the touchpad and internal keyboard to work. I have tried to update the drivers and nothing has worked.Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? And how can i fix this? I am willing to try troubleshooting procedures.



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Re: Satellite L305D-S5893 Keyboard and Touchpad problem

For the touchpad to work, and as you stated drivers are installed, go to mouse menu and enable the function.

Check and learn if the light for Num Lock and Caps Lock is active[lighted], if so kb should be functional.  Feabile that the virtual kb may be enabled and you will need to disable same.