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Satellite C655-S5514 Keyboard and Touchpad

My sister puchased this the laptop in August (2012). She's the harded type that did not listen when I told her to activate her warranty and now we have issues! The keyboard and touchpad do not respond at all. I don't think they've stopped working completely because the num lock light is still on. I have been on the toshiba website hoping to locate and reinstall the drivers to see if that fixes the issue. I have installed

 Synaptics TouchPad Driver 

Toshiba Function Key Utility 

and Toshiba Function Key

which I found under touchpad and keyboard when looking on the toshiba website and searching by serial number. If anyone knows the exact driver I need to install that would be helpful. Or how long do you have the purchase to activate the warranty? Or what should I do to fix this? We have had to purchase a wired keyboard and mouse that connect through the usb ports to use which works but makes travel with the laptop bothersome which kind of defeats the purpose of having a laptop.

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Re: Satellite C655-S5514 Keyboard and Touchpad

I think that's already the correct touchpad driver, and you don't need a keyboard driver.


If you tap F2 right after you turn on the computer, does it enter the BIOS? You might try holding F2 as well.


The warranty is valid even if you never registered. However, the dates could be wrong. If they are, you can try registering here or call customer support.

- Peter