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Satellite A665 touchpad mouse control

My laptop touchpad has the feature where if you drag on the right side or top, a scroll feature turns on.  I've found that this feature turns on when it wants, no matter where I am on the touchpad.  Anyone else have this problem and/or know how to fix it?

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Re: Satellite A665 touchpad mouse control

I am having the same problem. It amkes doing anything tough. I don't knowwhen the screen will resize or close.


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Re: Satellite A665 touchpad mouse control

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Neither of you have posted your full model number, like Satellite A665-S5170, or what operating system you are using, like Windows 7 64bit.  So it's difficult to make any other suggestions.


But, on my system, if you go into 'Control Panel - Mouse' and you click on the 'Advanced' tab at the top, then click on the 'Advanced feature settings' it gives you a chance to control the functions of the touchpad.


As well, you might want to make sure that Windows Update has not changed the Toshiba supplied touchpad driver.  You can surf to your specific model here, and download the touchpad driver for your OS version and install it.


Toshiba Downloads Page


Good luck.