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Portege M600 Touchpad & Keyboard only works on external keyboard & mouse

THis is not a simple F9 or Control panel issue - I have a Portege M600 (with serial number 2nd character "7") previously running Vista, I upgraded to WIndows 7 as an upgrade over the top of Vista (not a clean upgrade). All went seamlessly other than some drivers etc having to be "manually" uninstalled as they were older than WIndows 7 drivers. Keyboard & touchpad worked fine for 2 weeks or so. When in the office I use a Dynadock and external screen, keyboard & mouse, these still work perfectly when docked.

I have found that the laptop keyboard & touchpad no longer work at all, the only difference is possibly WIndows 7 has done a further update, other than than that ??????! I tried to use teh Toshiba driver update link from teh WIndows 7 upgrade support site, following the links for "Windows 7 non-clean" upgrade, when arriving at the download link, it is for a "clean upgrade" only - Is my problem linked to drivers of is it something more sinister?


A laptop without an operable keyboard is just a paperweight - Please help!