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L455-s5975 FN Keys Stop working

Hi everyone. I bought my l455 - s5975 laptop computer and everything was OK. One day, I realized my FN keys were not working. I searched over the internet and found out about the toshiba VAP. I reinstalled it and the keys worked again, but the BIG problem is that the FN keys work fine for a certain period of time. I reinstall VAP and works again, but I really need this to be fixed, as the configuration for the power plans is lost when i uninstall and reinstall VAP. I need to uninstall because if I install over the current non-working VAP, the problem is not solved. I also need some help with the Toshiba Service Station. Ever since I bought this computer, the thing appears and it says: Toshiba Service Station has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to this problem, and the window disappears. Sometimes this window just flashes away while the computer is loading the desktop screen.


I need some serious help with this, I'm running win 7

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Re: L455-s5975 FN Keys Stop working

i have the same problem how do i get it to work?

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Re: L455-s5975 FN Keys Stop working


Satellite L455-S5975


There are two utilities listed for your model. Try them both. Uninstall and reboot first. (Yes, the version numbers make no sense.)


   Toshiba Value Added Package (TVAP) for Windows 7 (32) (Version 1.2.25 - Released 09/28/09)


   Toshiba Value Added Package for Windows 7 (32) (Version 1.2.26 - Released 08/28/09)