Keyboard not working

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Keyboard not working

P205 Satellite (Vista--boohoo) keyboard not working. Not dropped, or spilled on. At startup, the caps lock light will come on if I press the caps lock, but as soon as the system starts to come up even that key does not respond. I have the original Toshiba discs, but there is no keyboard driver in there - is it supposed to be resident in Vista? Have tried pulling battery, unplugging cord from laptop, and holding power button down for 30 seconds. Am able to use a usb keyboard. When I go to device manager, the only keyboard that shows up in there is the one I have hooked up via usb to my laptop, and nothing shows up if I unplug the keyboard. In fact, the word keyboard isn't even there without the usb keyboard plugged in. If I use my discs and do the full recovery, what all does that change on my computer? My computer is about 4 years old---do I lose all of the updates, etc?
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Re: Keyboard not working

See all the steps in this thread and try them for your model. Performing a Toshiba Recovery to the factory default out-of-the-box setup is considered the gold standard test on whether you have an actual hardware problem/failure.