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Keyboard isn't working



I have a Satellite M305-S4910 that I purchased from Best Buy in March 2009. When I purchased the laptop it had Vista installed, but in December I upgraded to Windows 7.


Anyway, the other night I started to notice that a few of my keys were being unresponsive (the "B", "M", "X" and ";"). I had been using the laptop for most of the evening at this point, so the problem seemed out of nowhere. I restarted the computer a few times and finally turned it off to remove those keys and clean the keyboard.


I turned the computer on a few minutes later and those keys still didn't work. Finally I decided to restart the computer again only to have NONE OF THE KEYS work when pressed.


I've never spilled anything on the computer, I've never dropped the computer and although I leave it on for a good portion of the day (I'm a student) I turn it off and make sure to run virus scans and regular updates. I do have a kitten, but he doesn't sit on my computer because when I am not sitting at my computer I close it and sit it on a table.


I read somewhere that unplugging the laptop and removing the battery for a few minutes will help fix the problem--I tired that several times and that didn't work.


I read plugging in an external USB keyboard and seeing if I can type with that should work--and it DID the first time I used it, but afterward even that didn't work.


Unfortunately, I can't even maneuver around my desktop because I had a password on my laptop--so since I can't use the keyboard I can't enter in my password and I can't log on. Smiley Sad


Lastly, yesterday I was briefly able to get the external keyboard AND my laptop's keyboard to work. I went to download Microsoft drivers & run a virus scan. Of course after the downloads are complete the computer restarts so once it restarted I was back at square 1 (not being able to use either keyboard)


I'm really running out of ideas here....I have no idea why it stopped working. Could this be a motherboard issue? A power supply issue?

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Re: Keyboard isn't working

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hi, i have very similar problem with my Satellite L455, also bought by BestBye.

Have described it here - still no answer!

It looks to me as problem with the hardware - windows 7 drivers for the keyboard.


As for the password, i have used the systemrescuecd in similar situations

it is Linux-based, easy to use, has graphical environment.


It has a nice tool on it - called ntpasswd - it must help you to remove any windows passwords.

On the main menu ( shown on the first picture here: )

you must select the <F> option




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Re: Keyboard isn't working

Did you resolve your issue? I have tried everything and my computer won't work. It now types 66666666666666 whenever I try to use it. It will not let me use the keyboard at all. I tryed connecting an external keyboad same thing. I redid the driver. Ran the free Norton Virus. Nothing works. Returned to factory settings, everything. The keyboard will not work and it is not the keyboard because no keyboard works.

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Re: Keyboard isn't working

I nee help! A you an tell I an not type anything! I alo et the 66666666 when the laptop tart up! I a horribly frustrated!

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Re: Keyboard isn't working

Worst . Laptop . Ever .

By now, I'm sure you've been forced to purchase another laptop in order to keep up with your studies, as I did. NOT a Toshiba!

I did all of the suggested fixes for a non-responsive keyboard over and over again, only to have the problem return, at shorter intervals.

I edit e-books for a living, and have no patience for this kind of a FAIL from a laptop that's never been abused.

The REAL fix for Toshiba keyboard problems is a new non-Toshiba laptop.


Good Luck