Keyboard Lights

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Keyboard Lights

Hi There,


I would like to ask how to turn on my keyboard lights?


i have a toshiba satellite m505ds4970rd



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Re: Keyboard Lights

from what ive seen it doesnt have a backlit keyboard but there is one easy way to find out


in the start menu search HWsetup and open it. if it has a backlit keyboard there will be an illumination tab. when you open it there will be an option to turn on the backlit keyboard only if it has it.


hope that helps

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Re: Keyboard Lights (A505-S6005)

I have an Illumination tab on the Toshiba Hardware Setup window for my A505-S6005, have tried different selections for the radio buttons, but still can't get the keyboard backlit to activate.


Any other suggestions?

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Re: Keyboard Lights (A505-S6005)

keyboard i snot backlit on this model