Keyboard Backlight not working

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Keyboard Backlight not working

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Hey Guys.I just bought a Toshiba Satellite P840-B002.According to it's specifications it has a backlight feature for the keyboard, but as soon as I turn it on, the keyboard doesn't light up.I tried pressing Fn+Z and still it doesn't work.

Please help me guys.This problem is really starting to get me frustrated.



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Re: Keyboard Backlight not working

That doesn't appear to be a US model, and this is the forums for Toshiba USA. You may want to contact Toshiba in your region. If it's a European model, you could check the Toshiba Europe forums.

- Peter
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Re: Keyboard Backlight not working

I found that when I turned my eCo option "off" in the eCo utility (under power options) that my keyboard backlight started to work again. None of the other fixes worked, but this one did!

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