Incorrect letters displayed -- Keyboard issues

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Incorrect letters displayed -- Keyboard issues

When I press certain keys, different letters/numbers appear.... Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5136; Windows 7 - 64 bit;




'0' shows as '/0'

'y' inserts itself before the previous key ... e.g. 'key' turns in to 'kye '

Up,down,right, left arrow keys translate to numbers 7, 8, 9,y

Pressing 'numlock' shows a '5'


I have not spilled anything on the keyboard; it's less than 2 months old.''


I've tried the following:


  • Fn + F10
  • Fn + F11
  • mskey -  can't find it
  • Booting with F8 - to repair systems
  • Regions and Languages - keyboard is US; have also tried US International
  • Numlock is not on
  • Reset BIOS to original settings


Laptop is less than 2 months old; but Office Depot will only take returns for 14 days.  It's my only computer so I'm reluctant to send it back to Toshiba.  I'm hoping it's something dumb :-) 


Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.