Function keys not working

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Function keys not working

I have an NB205 N323BN with Windows 7. The FN keys don't seem to be working. I noticed this first because I had disabled WiFi and have not been able to turn it back on. Then I checked all the FN keys to see if others weren't working and realized the problem was broader than just the WiFi.


What can I do to get the FN keys working again?

Is there a work around to turn WiFi on without using the FN keys?




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Re: Function keys not working

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If the function keys are not working at all, there are few things you need to try.


First, if you haven't done it yet, you should install the latest BIOS update for your unit:


ACPI Flash BIOS v.2.10



Second, after flashing the BIOS, on the system start up, go into the BIOS SETUP and make sure the wireless adaptor, touchpad, etc, are all enabled in there, save the settings, then restart your unit.



Next, you should make sure all these patches are installed:


Registry Patch for System Restore Toshiba Utility:


Toshiba Registry Patch for Devices and Printers:


DVD-HDD Patch for Windows 7:



Then, given that none of your Function keys are working, you need to run the latest Toshiba Value Added Package:


After you have installed the TVAP and restarted, install the Flash Card Support Utility:



Restart after installing the Flash Card Utility, then try the Function keys. If they work, great!



If the 'Flash Cards' don't appear at the top of the screen when you hit the 'Fn' key, then click the 'Start' button and type the word flash in the search field. In the programs that appear at the top, you should see 'Restart Flash Cards' and 'Settings for Flash Cards'. First, click on 'Restart Flash Cards', then again click on 'Start' and type in the word flash in the search field. This time click on 'Settings for Flash Cards', and make sure there is NOT a check mark on 'Disable all function keys', click 'Apply' and 'OK'.  Then try the Function keys/Flash cards again, and try to enable/disable your WiFi.



If none of this works, I presume the Function keys were working at one time. When about did they stop working? Did you install any Windows Updates or install any other software or drivers just before that may have created the problem?  You could look in System Restore, to see if you have a restore point to take you back to the time just before the Function keys stopped working.


If you do the System Restore and it works to enable your Function keys, then you should at least reinstall the above PATCH files. But, you should probably go to the Toshiba driver/utility download page for your system and put in all the updates, except the BIOS, which you will have already done.


As well, if a Windows Update, was one of the things you got rid of in the System Restore, you should manually run Windows Update one single update file at a time, to isolate what caused the problem. If you find an update that causes the problem, uninstall that update in Programs and Features, then 'hide' that update file in Windows Updates, so you do not install it again.


Let us know what happens Anne.  Good luck!



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Re: Function keys not working

hello , i am having the same problem. i have a toshiba laptop model: Satellite L500-14X , running on windows 7-32 bit. After the format i made, the FN keyboard shortcuts stopped working.
The list of steps written above is the same for my model ?


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Re: Function keys not working

Sorry , the full problem is that although the contrast [FN+(F6-F7)] and the external screen [FN+(F5)] are working , the other ones don't.

Thanks again